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Hygiene in Food Production

Foods are not sterile, they are covered in various bacteria. These include useful bacteria that develop the full potential of the product’s characteristics and aroma. But on the other hand, undesired bacteria such as decay and pathogens can be found on and in food, in particular on raw goods. That is why food, in particular, requires special care during production, storage, transport and preparation. Inadequate hygiene can quickly lead to the appearance of decay in food caused by bacteria. Furthermore, bacteria find perfect living and propagation conditions on a large number of foodstuffs and grow quickly if foods are not refrigerated sufficiently or stored for too long or incorrectly.

Special hygiene techniques are needed during the production and processing of food in order to reduce the risk of infection during consumption and to prolong the best before date. In addition to daily cleaning and disinfection of the whole manufacturing facility, typical precautionary measures include several washes prior to processing and special techniques to make food preservable for longer. However, these techniques are time and resource intensive and therefore associated with high costs.