The Surface4Food Cooperation Project, which belongs to ZIM (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs), currently consists of businesses and research institutes from 10 federal states. The network is open to new members, who would like to play a part in the development of practical strategies and solutions.


Adelhelm LubriCoat GmbH

The Adelhelm LubiCoat GmbH is a specialist for functional surfaces since 1998. Scopes of their work are bonded coatings, dry lubrication and anticorrosive coatings. Being part of the Adelhelm Group, the Adelhelm LubriCoat GmbH offers the Surface4Food Network access to further competences such as specialists for non-stick coatings based on PTFE, FEP and PFA as well as chemical- and corrosive protection based on E-CTFE, ETFE and PFA.

Contact: Abdelali Bougoutaya

automation & software Günther Tausch GmbH

As engineering company and manufacturer of automation technology the automation & software Günther Tausch GmbH offers a customized complete solution. Core capabilities like automated handling- and conveying systems, building of prototypes and the know-how of SPS programming are brought into the Surface4Food Network.

Contact: Günther Tausch

Berief Nahrungsmittelmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 70 years the Berief Nahrungsmittelmaschienen GmbH & Co. KG has been designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality machines, plants and production lines for thermal processing of food products.  Our products are not only standardized but can also be adapted to your specific project requirements. Highly qualified staff in the sales, planning, production and service departments as well as state-of-the-art CAD systems and manufacturing techniques form the basis of Berief’s success. This infrastructure and costumers point of view is going to be gainful for the Surface4Food Network.

Contact: Theodor W. Berief

Jürgen Löhrke GmbH

Jürgen Loehrke GmbH is an independent company in the process technology and offers hygiene solutions for the global food and beverage industry. With its engineering and turnkey competences in addition to system solutions, LOEHRKE handles the complete project planning and offers a wide range of after sales services. A close exchange of information with industrial users, plant manufacturers and well-known institutes is a major part of the company philosophy. Employees of the company’s in-house development department are involved into various research projects. Thus LOEHRKE wants to advance the integration of knowledge gained in the network Surface4Food into industrial applications.

Contact: Karl-Frank Jackisch

Magurit Gefrierschneider GmbH

Margurit is one of the leading companies in producing specialized cutting machinery for fresh and frozen products in the segment of food and pet food. Besides broad assortment of machines with various cutting technologies Magurit offers ergonomic well-engineered transportation solutions. With today’s 45 employees we are delivering to customers in over 70 countries all over the globe.   As pioneer company we are bringing practice requirements and technical know-how into the Surface4Food network.

Contact: Dino Vieth

MICOR – Labor für Mikrobielle Prozesse und Materialkunde

The Micor Group is working against the problem of the bio-corrosion, which causes damages in the two digits billions. The research is aiming to protect materials and surfaces which are at risk to be destroyed by bio-corrosion.

Contact: Dr. Constanze Messal


In 2011, Rittal was able to reflect on five very successful decades. For the past 50 years, we have been redefining the future. We manufacture and develop solutions on your behalf in the enclosure, power distribution, IT infrastructure, software and service sectors – standardized, perfect-fit solutions for almost any industry. With its system platform "Rittal – The System.", this family business offers top-level, innovative technology on a global basis.

Contact: Heiko Holighaus


TIGRES GmbH has been a leader in the field of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment since 1993. Our system solutions for activating, ultra-fine cleaning and coating surfaces are being used in the most varied industries all around the world. Many materials used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, consumer appliances, printing, textile and packaging industries are modified with our equipment before further processing.

Contact: Berrin Küzün


We are an innovative mechanical engineering company with a long tradition and decades of experience. The development, constructional design, production and sale of packaging machines are our passion. We offer the best solutions and excellent services to fulfill the needs of our customers, under optimal use of all resources. This is how we secure our positive development over the long-term and sustainably.

Contact: Holger Kröger

Walter Gerätebau GmbH

WALTER cleaning systems – economical, reliable and environmentally friendly. Now already in the second generation, WALTER has been manufacturing high quality cleaning systems for all applications for over 40 years. The company’s success is based on our highly motivated staff, whose expertise is continuously further developed in both internal and external education. Through constant process optimization and cost control, we ensure a healthy growth level within the company.

Contact: Marc Ingelfinger

Research Institutes

DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e.V.



Contact: Dr. Christian Hertel

Frankenförder Forschungsgesellschaft mbH



Contact: Dr. Mechthild Linnebur

Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung (IVV)



Contact: Dr. Peter Muranyi




Contact: Dr. Kerstin Horn

KIN Lebensmittelinstitut



Contact: Beate Vogelsang

Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. (INP Greifswald)



Contact: Dr. Maik Fröhlich

TU Dresden, Professur für Verarbeitungsmaschinen / Verarbeitungstechnik



Contact: Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Majschak

Associated Partners

Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e. V. (DLG)



Contact: Simone Schiller

Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V. (dvi)



Contact: Winfried Batzke

Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Dünne Schichten e. V. (EFDS)



Contact: Dr. Sven Richter

Food-Processing Initiative e. V. (FPI)



Contact: Beate Kolkmann

Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen e. V. (GDL)



Contact: Prof. Dr. Herbert J. Buckenhüskes

Packaging Excellence Center (PEC)



Contact: Hans Christian Zeiner