The Network aims to jointly develop innovative surface enhancement procedures to improve cleanability in the food industry with the goal of establishing these procedures on the market as a supplement and substitute for existing technologies and thus to increase the competitiveness of the companies involved. This can be achieved e.g. through photocatalytic, self-cleaning, anti-adhesive or antimicrobial coatings. In addition to the (preliminary) treatment of surfaces, the activities also focus on the development of new approaches for disinfecting contaminated surfaces in the manufacturing industry and the technological realisation at the production sites. The objects that require treatment can be surfaces made of various kinds of materials and with very varied intended uses, as long as they come into contact with food. Possible examples are plant machines, conveyor belts, storage and cold rooms, work surfaces or cutting equipment.

The Network’s mission is therefore to provide a safe and sustainable production of foods that exceeds existing standards.

•    Improvement of hygiene conditions in food production
•    Saving time for cleaning and thus increasing productivity
•    Conservation of resources by reducing wet chemical processes
•    Increase the life span of refined devices
•    Prolongation of the shelf life of foods